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Innovation spaces

We believe that innovation is at its most creative and productive when it is a social activity. With that in mind, our purpose-built facilities have been designed to encourage playful and productive interactions and conversations between people who might not normally meet.

We also have some quieter spaces where members are able to refine their prototypes and test the promise of a great idea without public scrutiny.

Our LABs

Our six-storey facility has been divided into a number of connected workspaces or ‘LABs’.


This is a flexible, creative learning space that can be easily configured to accommodate groups and teams of different sizes. Innovators using the coLAB have space to discuss ideas and can also access scanning, printing and large-screen display equipment as well as craft and modelling tools.


The fabLAB is a space where ideas become a reality. Innovators can access a range of tools and technologies which enable them to prototype their products in a short amount of time. These tools include 3D printing, scanning and profiling software.


In the hackLAB innovators are able to use open source hardware and software platforms to explore how their products will adapt and respond to changes in the environment.¬† It’s a space where ideas are really put to the test.


The mediaLAB is focused on developing quality marketing materials for our ¬†innovators’ products and services. It is home to photography, video, animation and graphic design technology and equipment.


The whiteBOX is a showcase for our innovators’ products and services. It’s a place where you can see and try out exciting market-ready innovations. We hope that it will intrigue and inspire you with the diversity, creativity and success of its contents.