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As a full-time undergraduate student you will have two main costs to meet:

  • Your tuition fees
  • Your living costs

The good news is that you can receive help with both as a range of financial help is available.

Tuition Fees

A Tuition Fee is what you pay to cover the cost of your course. This is now a deferred payment and so you won't have to pay a penny back until you graduate and start earning over £26,575 a year (from 6th of April 2020). For more information on your Tuition Fees, please visit our Student Finance pages.

Living costs

Your living costs while a student will include items like accommodation, food, books, clothes and travel. You can apply for a Student Loan to help towards your living costs and depending on your family circumstances/household income, means-tested grants and bursaries are available. Visit our Student Finance pages for more information about Student Loans.

The good news is that according to research the cost of living in Bangor is much lower than in many other parts of the UK. For instance, Bangor has been ranked 1st in the UK for the most affordable in the UK for students, according to Totally Money (2019).

Extra help

At Bangor you can also apply for various Bangor University scholarships and bursaries which could help with your living costs. View our Scholarships and Bursaries page in Student Finance for more information.

You may also be eligible, depending on your individual circumstances, for financial support including:

  • Disabled Student's Allowance
  • Childcare Grant
  • Adult Dependants' Grant
  • Parents' Learning Allowance
Visit our Student Finance pages for more information.