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Is Bangor’s offer your insurance choice with UCAS?

Once you have received your results, you should check UCAS Track to find out the latest situation about your firm and insurance choices. You should also look at the UCAS advice about results day and what happens next.

If you do not meet the conditions of your firm choice and they have decided not to offer you a place, but you have met our conditions as your insurance choice, you will automatically be placed at Bangor as part of the UCAS Admissions process.

However, if a decision is not yet visible on UCAS Track or you need to talk to us about your conditional offer, then please contact the Bangor Admissions Helpline. Make sure you have your UCAS application number and exam results to hand when contacting the Helpline.

Applying for accommodation

Once your place at Bangor is confirmed you will receive an email in 24-48 hours inviting you to apply for accommodation. The email will explain what you need to do next and will give you access to our online application system.

Helpline number

Call us on 0800 085 1818 if you need any assistance.