Coronavirus (Covid-19) Information

Frequently Asked Questions about Covid-19

As long as social distancing requirements remain, there will be differences to how we will operate, but our priorities are to provide the very best student experience possible whilst keeping everyone safe.

If you are a new student, take a look at our Welcome 2020 website for more information.

Take a look at our frequently asked questions below, or if you need any further information please get in touch.

When does term start?

The term starts on the 28th September 2020.

Is the campus open?

Yes, the campus is open. How the campus operates depends on social distancing requirements and any other restrictions with which we have to comply with.

Will there be face to face teaching on campus?

We will provide you with a Blended Learning experience. This is what you can expect:

  • On-campus live sessions such as seminars, practicals and tutorials will be delivered in small groups so that you are able to socially distance. The size of the groups will depend on the social distancing measures in place at the time.
  • In subject areas where it is appropriate, staff are also working on delivering practicals online, including the use of cutting-edge laboratory-based software.
  • You will receive “normal” lecture sessions online. These may be recorded or may be live. In addition staff are working on new innovative and exciting ways of delivery, such as short recorded sessions which would include interactive activities to develop learning communities with fellow students and high quality learning experiences.
  • Your own self-directed learning will also be part of your programme as is usually the case. (e.g., reading, preparing for assignments, watching other video resources, working with your fellow students on learning activities).

The amount of your programme that will be on-campus live or online will depend upon a number of things. Firstly, how much of your specific course is made up of large lectures, seminars, practicals and field work. Secondly on the rules and guidelines related to Covid-19 which we have to comply with as we go through the academic year. We are trying to ensure that we have the flexibility to increase the amount of on-campus live teaching as and when we can.

How is the University monitoring cases of Covid-19?

The University is working closely with Public Health Wales and the local health board to monitor reported positive tests for Covid 19 amongst students and staff. We have robust plans in place to respond to any concerning rise in cases. Covid 19 is present in all communities and this is why we ask all students and staff to comply with the rules and to play your part in helping to minimise the spread.

I live in an area where Covid 19 restrictions are in place, can I still travel to the University?

The University is aware that some areas are subject to Covid 19 related travel restrictions. With respect to the delivery mode for the forthcoming academic year, it is highlighted that all courses will be provided through blended learning and most will involve on-campus attendance at seminars or practical skills sessions, in addition to online teaching and seminars. The amount of on-campus in-person activity will be dependent on your specific course and year of study.

If you live in the UK and do not want to travel to the University during a period of travel restrictions stipulated by the Government, you are advised to contact your academic School to discuss your options. For those who wish to travel, the University will support your decision, and, if you are due to take up Halls of Residence in the new academic year, we can offer accommodation at a Hall of Residence early if you wish to self-isolate. For all students who do travel you are asked to be aware of the symptoms of Covid-19 and to not travel and to seek a test if you are concerned.

How do I get a test for Covid-19?

If you have symptoms of Covid-19 and are a Bangor student, you may access the Bangor University student covid-19 testing arrangement at

How do I report a positive Covid-19 test result?

If you have received a positive test result for Covid-19 please notify the University as soon as possible here

What is the Policy on Face Coverings?


In accordance with Welsh Government policy all staff, students and visitors must wear face coverings within university buildings.

Reasons for not wearing a face covering are set out in the Welsh Government guidance and would include:

  • Those who cannot put on, wear or remove a face covering because of a physical ormental illness / disability-related reasons
  • Those who will be caused severe distress by putting on, wearing or removing a face covering
  • Providing assistance to someone who relies on lip reading to communicate
  • To avoid harm or injury, or the risk of harm or injury, to yourself or others to avoid
    injury, or to escape a risk of harm
  • To eat or drink
  • To take medication

There is no requirement for people to provide proof that they are exempt from wearing a face covering but they may wish to download an e-card from which
can be used from their phone.

During lectures and seminars, students are required to wear face coverings whilst lecturers and instructors may not need to as other mitigation measures are in place,
such as presenting from over 2m distancing or from behind Perspex shield. Staff within single-occupancy offices and similar spaces are not required to wear a face
covering. Students within their own residential household are not expected to wear face coverings. Also, the wearing of face coverings may not be required for some
scientific activities where these would pose a greater risk, requirements will be specified within laboratory procedures.

All students and members of staff are strongly encouraged to be considerate towards others who may have health conditions and to wear face coverings within University buildings.

What are the rules on returning home?

As you will be aware the rules and regulations have been changing quickly, also the rules in Wales are not always the same as the rules in England. The University constantly monitors the rules and guidance that come out from both central Government and the devolved Welsh Government. At this point we don’t have specific information available about the rules regarding returning to family homes, as soon as we do, we will share this with students.

What if I can’t attend classes because I have to self-isolate?

If you need to self-isolate you will be able to use the online resources to continue your course until you are able to participate in face to face activities again.

How is the University keeping students safe?

Existing students will already be familiar with the Check-in App which the University normally uses to monitor attendance at lectures for the purposes of improving engagement and fulfilling legal obligations. We’ve made some improvements to this App so that we can quickly identify your close contacts if you or a fellow student that you have had close contact with have a Covid-19 positive result.

Please note that unlike government systems we won’t be continually tracking your movements, and we will only be collecting and sharing data based on the attendance check-ins you give us when you are present at our events. Please note that not only will we be using this in lectures but for the period of the pandemic we’ll also be using it at other times in both academic and non-academic settings (e.g. when you use the gym, or one of our cafes).

Be ready to enter the PIN code into the above URL whenever you’re asked to do so – it’ll keep you and your fellow students safe. Based on the data you supply we’ll be able to quickly see who you’ve been in contact with at our lectures and organised events. When asked to do so by Public Health Wales under the Track, Trace and Protect system we will share this data, along with your name, address and contact details.

Will online teaching be available all year?

We plan to make online content available for the whole year so if you are unable to be on campus due to Covid-19 you will still be able to continue your studies. However, you will be expected to commit to participating fully in all aspects of your course, including on campus.

I have applied for a course which normally would have been delivered on campus, can I opt to study entirely by distance learning?

No, we are sorry, this is not an option. We are aiming to make all of the core content available on line to be used where students are unable to be on campus due to Covid-19.

This is to protect students from missing elements of their programme if they are unable to attend campus for a short period or if parts of the programme, such as large lectures, can’t be delivered on site because of social distancing.

The key strengths of Bangor University are around our community and the broad range of activity and support that we offer.

We will therefore expect you to make yourself available to participate in as much of the on campus support, delivery and activities as possible.

Is there a Welcome Week?

Yes there is, this year it's called Welcome 2020. We are planning a range of activities, with online content, to help you settle in to University life as quickly as possible.

Will clubs and societies run? 

Yes, many of our extra curricular activities will be running from September. These are led by Bangor Students’ Union, and exceptionally, are completely free of charge to all students to join.

We will be providing a programme of socially-distanced activities for many of our societies and clubs, as well as an online offering where social distancing can’t be maintained.

Bangor University has won the WhatUni Best Clubs and Societies Award for three years running, and we are working very hard to ensure that we live up to this reputation next academic year.

Specific details about the range of extra curricular activities on offer will be available closer to September.

I haven’t got a laptop/ PC for online working. Can the University advise/ help? 

A means tested Digital Hardship Fund is available for new and returning students. This fund can provide means tested support for unexpected costs that students are unable to cover. Contact for information.

What student support will be available? 

To make sure students can access support wherever they are, all of Student Services will be available online to support students. In addition, students on campus will be able to book face-to-face appointments with Disability Advisers, Mental Health Advisers, Counsellors and a range of other Student Support staff. 

Will the University provide me with PPE?

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and face coverings are two different items. The University will provide PPE for those activities which require their use, such as close interactions and laboratory work. The need for PPE will be specified in individual risk assessments or protocols. In line with Welsh Government recommendations, the use of (washable) three-ply face coverings is recommended.

Living in University Accommodation

Will University accommodation be open in September?

Yes, it is our plan to have University accommodation open in September, apply now if you have not already done so.

Will I be charged for University accommodation if the campus has to close?

If the campus has to lock down and you are unable to use your accommodation, you won’t be charged.

How will social distancing work in University Halls of Residence?

You will be allocated a room within a flat, your other flat mates will become your ‘household’ so you won’t need to socially distance from your flat mates. You will have your own en-suite facilities but will share kitchen facilities with your other flat mates.

Will I be able to travel / go home to visit family or friends at weekend once I’m in Bangor? 

You will be free to travel, provided such travel is in-line with Government advice. The University won’t impose any restrictions.

Will there be any social activities for students in accommodation?

Halls Campus Life are planning an online programme of social activities. You will of course be able to organise your own social activities face to face with the other students in your flat as they will be part of your ‘household’.

What if I need to self isolate whilst I am living in Halls?

You will self-isolate in your room. You should let the Halls staff know straight away by emailing and then we will support you to ensure that you get all the help you need including supplies of food. This support will also be offered for Bangor students in Snowdon Hall, Wrexham.

International Students

For frequently asked questions which relate to international students please visit this page:

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