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Postgraduate Student Profiles

Tathagata GangulyTathagata Ganguly

Tathagata Ganguly – PhD Media

Tathagata Ganguly, studying a PhD in Media, from India.

The school has excellent lecturers, labs, training facilities and research supervision.

Ahmed DhaifAhmed Dhaif

Ahmed Dhaif – MSc Management and Finance

Ahmed Dhaif, studying MSc Management and Finance, from Bahrain.

The Welsh and the people living in Bangor are just very accommodative and down to earth, making it very easy to blend in with society.

Pretty KariboPretty Karibo

Pretty Karibo – PhD Social Policy

Pretty Karibo, a Postgraduate student of Social Policy, from Nigeria.

I am involved with the Afro Caribbean Society, where I get to meet people who share the same culture. I love dancing, and it is an opportunity for me to meet new people and to socialise.

Suzy ClarksonSuzy Clarkson

Suzy Clarkson – MSc Counselling

Suzy is from North Wales and is stuyding MSc Counselling at Bangor.

I had always been interested in people’s behaviours, communication, and coping styles and had an overwhelming desire to support people. The Counselling course ticked all the boxes for me.

Nebu GeorgeNebu George

Nebu George – PhD in Archaeology

Nebu George is from Mumbai, India. After having completed his undergraduate degree in Archaeology and masters in Celtic Archaeology at Bangor, he is currently pursuing a PhD in Archaeology with period ranging from prehistory to Viking age in Britain.

University life in Bangor is filled with rich experiences of the unique people from various corners of the planet who enrich your life and change your outlook towards life. Brace yourself for such a change!

Elliott WardElliott Ward

Elliott Ward – MSc Neuroimaging

Elliott Ward from Cambridge is studying MSc Neuroimaging

There is always someone you can email with any kind of problem. There are peer guides who will show you around the town, personal tutors who will know all about your course, not to mention the email buddy system. You never feel like you’re alone as there’s always someone you can get in contact with!

Raphael Owusu-AntwiRaphael Owusu-Antwi

Raphael Owusu-Antwi – MSc Banking and Finance (Chartered Banker)

Raphael Owusu-Antwi, a Postgraduate student studying MSc. Banking and Finance (Chartered Banker) from Ghana.

The great thing about Bangor is proximity. Everything is within a walking distance. The cost of living here is low compared to other cities and the people here are very friendly.

Sandy Paola Perez-RoblesSandy Paola Perez-Robles

Sandy Paola Perez-Robles – PhD in Finance

Sandy Paola Perez-Robles is studying a PhD at Bangor Business School.

For me, Bangor is the perfect place to study, to connect yourself with nature and to open your mind by meeting people from all over the world.

Marcela Porto CostaMarcela Porto Costa

Marcela Porto Costa – PhD in Environmental Science

Marcela is a PhD student in the School of Natural Sciences. She is originally from Brazil.

As a PhD student I have many opportunities, as well as my research: The best thing is that I can join any module that I think is relevant to my work

Aili DongAili Dong

Aili Dong – MBA International Business

Aili Dong is studying an MBA in International Business and she's from China.

The staff at Bangor are really helpful and supportive, regardless of the issues students face. The International Office work really well, and there are always plenty of support staff and fellow students around to help everyone.

Sudeshika PreethimaliSudeshika Preethimali

Sudeshika Preethimali – MA Social Policy

Sudeshika Preethimali, a postgraduate student studying MA Social Policy and from Sri Lanka.

My advice is this is the best time to enjoy your life in a meaningful way. Never be afraid to try things out which new for you.

Adekemi Olabisi AdebowaleAdekemi Olabisi Adebowale

Adekemi Olabisi Adebowale – PhD Law

Adekemi is from Nigeria, she is studying a PhD in Law.

Prospective students will definitely find Bangor welcoming because it is a friendly community and the people are always ready to assist and support to make them feel at ease.

Gurjiven MalhiGurjiven Malhi

Gurjiven Malhi – MSc in Applied Sport and Exercise Physiology

Gurjiven is from Hong Kong. Previously, he attended The Education University of Hong Kong (formerly known as The Hong Kong Institute of Education), where he did his undergraduate studies.

The generous ‘Bangor International Scholarship’ and the opportunity to be a Graduate Assistant at SSHES provided additional financial support and the latter also provided valuable work experience.

Khalil AmamraKhalil Amamra

Khalil Amamra – MBA in Environmental Management

Khalil is currently studying towards an MBA in Environmental Management and is from Algeria.

Everyone in Bangor has been very supportive, welcoming and friendly from the international student support team to lecturers and tutors.

Zahra AbbaszadehZahra Abbaszadeh

Zahra Abbaszadeh – Masters in Linguistics

Zahra Abbaszadeh, a Masters student studying Linguistics, from Iran.

There are plenty of positive things I can mention such as it’s a quiet place to concentrate and study without any distractions, life expense can be lower and reasonable, and the people are very welcoming.

Radha ShahRadha Shah

Radha Shah – MSc Counselling

Radha’s originally from London and before starting her postgraduate degree, she studied her undergraduate at Bangor. After a few years away in employment, she decided to return and study a Masters.

"During my open day, I just felt at home. Walking around the old buildings and the halls of residence helped to solidify my choice."

Mitali Soni Mitali Soni

Mitali Soni – MSc Counselling

Mitali Soni is from North London and went to Woodhouse College before coming to Bangor University.

I decided to study in Bangor because it was very different to London, in the sense that it was very open and calm compared to the busy and constant need to be active in London.

Pete SimsPete Sims

Pete Sims – MSc Counselling

Pete is from Manchester and moved to Anglesey (Ynys Mon) 4 years ago. He's a mature student and before applying for Bangor University, worked for various Local Authorities and Voluntary sector organisations in children’s and young people services, for over 30 years.

Bangor has got a great reputation for its teaching and research in Psychology and the student satisfaction awards made it even more appealing!

Bukola AdetonwaBukola Adetonwa

Bukola Adetonwa – PhD in Management Studies

Bukola is from Nigeria, she is studying a PhD in Management Studies.

The Bangor Business School is a great, supportive, multi-diverse establishment made up of very supportive lecturers who guide students through their academic journey.

Sandra WilliamsSandra Williams

Sandra Williams – MSc Councelling

Sandra Williams lives in Anglesey, attended Ysgol Gyfun Llangefni and attended Coleg Menai as a mature student.

I found the Open Day experience to be a positive one as I talked to a few of the lecturers I realised that people come from all walks of life to come to learn.

Abdulaziz AlwishiqriAbdulaziz Alwishiqri

Abdulaziz Alwishiqri – MSc in Accounting and Finance

Abdulaziz Alwishiqri (Aziz) is studying an MSc in Accounting and Finance and he is from Saudi Arabia.

There is a lot of support is given, whether it is from the university or from the International Student Support Office or from my Personal Tutor.

Leanne RowlandsLeanne Rowlands

Leanne Rowlands – PhD Neuropsychology

Leanne Rowlands is from Anglesey. Before she came to study at Bangor she went to Ysgol Gyfun Llangefni (Llangefni High School).

The Psychology department is amazing, there are lots of opportunities for development, and the staff are so supportive.