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Funding for Collaboration, Research and Development and Innovation

Bangor University helps organisations access funding that supports collaborative research and the transfer of know-how to improve both existing products and procedures and develop new ideas, processes and products.

For more information browse through the website or contact us to talk to one of our Innovation Specialists:

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Arloesi Pontio Innovation (API) exists to stimulate economic growth, connecting the region’s innovators, inventors and entrepreneurs with world-leading knowhow, skills and research.  Business activities include product development, design and prototyping, training, and support to identify new thinking, methods and processes.
BEACON builds integrated 'Green Supply Chains' with a focus on developing new routes to functional, cost competitive products using biomass rather than oil. This is done by understanding and engaging with businesses to cultivate and then deliver 'Green Technology Solutions' to benefit industry across a range of sectors.

CALIN (Celtic Advanced Life Science Innovation Network) is a network for life-science businesses which gives them the opportunity to engage with University centres of excellence, health-boards, multi-national business firms and other life-science businesses.

KESS (Knowledge Economy Skills Scholarships) supports collaborative research projects (Research Masters and PhD) with external business partners.

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) facilitate the transfer of academic knowledge and expertise to real life business projects in order to improve performance and profitability. KTP can run from 3-36 months and involve appointing a newly qualified graduate to deliver the project.

The North Wales Knowledge Transfer Hubs (NWKTH) project is a HEFCW-funded initiative to promote the support available to business from the region’s universities and FE colleges.
The Shellfish Centre is a research & innovation initiative supporting development of the shellfish sector in Wales.
SMART Partnerships offer financial support to innovative collaboration projects that require a range of expertise to help businesses grow, improve productivity and increase competitiveness.  It is offered to Welsh businesses and Welsh Research organisations.