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Types of Partnerships

Access/Pathway Programme

A programme of study from another institution from which successful students are recognised as having met the admissions criteria for entry to one or more specified programme in Bangor. Access/feeder programmes do not lead to an award or award of credit of the University.

  • The partner owns the curriculum and the award
  • The partner is responsible for the quality and delivery of the provision
  • Bangor University recognises the partner’s programme for the purpose of admission to a Bangor programme

Articulation / Progression agreement

A partnership arrangement whereby provision delivered by a partner is formally recognised for the purposes of advanced standing towards one of the University’s award.  (The advanced standing may be awarded through an accreditation of prior learning (APL) process).

  • The partner organisation owns the curriculum.  The partner is fully responsible for its quality and delivery
  • The University is responsible for ensuring that the proposed provision is suitable for the recognition of credit for advanced standing purposes
  • The University does not make an award or award credit to the provision delivered through an articulation/progression agreement.  The University recognises the achievement by the student for the purposes of entry with advanced standing or APL

Award of Credit to Externally Delivered Modules

Where education provision delivered by a partner of the University, which has demonstrated adherence to the appropriate quality requirements and academic standards, is suitable for the award of University credit.

  • The partner organisation is responsible for the design and delivery of the provision
  • Provision of this nature does not lead to an award of the University, only the award of credit
  • The provision may be used towards a University award through the appropriate APL process

Joint Award

A  partnership arrangement under which the University provides a programme leading to a single award made jointly with at least one other partner institution.

  • Powers to make the award are pooled/combined
  • In most cases, shared ownership of curriculum and IP
  • Students register with one or both institutions but one normally provides the lead for administrative processes
  • Students have a right of access to learning resources at both institutions

Dual Award / Double Degrees

A partnership arrangement under which the University provides a programme leading to separate awards being granted by both itself and its partners institution(s).

  • Often Dual Awards take place with an overseas partner 
  • Credit  as a result of Dual Awards

Franchised provision

A partnership arrangement under which a partner is authorised to provide the whole or part of a programme of study designed by the University and leading to an award or award of credit of the University.

Franchise arrangements include Foundation Years franchised to local FE colleges.

  • The University owns the curriculum and permits the partner to deliver the curriculum
  • The University makes the award or award of credit

Validated Provision

An arrangement whereby the University makes award for provision designed and delivered by a validated partner. 

  • APL process applied
  • Must be done through Teaching Partnerships Office

Bangor Off Campus Programmes

An academic provisions which is designed and delivered by Bangor University and at least one partner but with only one awarding institution; in most cases this is Bangor University.  Foundation Degrees fall into this category as do other forms of partnership such as those with overseas delivery of Bangor preparatory programmes, support for partners and shared learning activities. 

  • There is only one awarding institution which is normally the University
  • This category is deliberately broad to take account of the diverse range of activity.  However, the key characteristic of one awarding body, normally the University distinguishes such provision from other partnership arrangements
  • Foundation Degrees fall into this category
  • Most teaching normally delivered by Bangor University staff