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New undergraduates for 2020 entry

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As a full-time UK/EU undergraduate student starting your course you will have two main costs to meet:

  • Your tuition fees
  • Your living costs

There is help available to meet these costs, with the exact financial support available to you depending on which part of the UK/EU you are from.

Bangor University will charge new, full-time undergraduate students starting in September 2020 a tuition fee of £9,000.

The University may increase the fees for each subsequent year of study by the amount permitted by Welsh Government.

The important thing to remember about the tuition fees is that UK/EU students do not have to pay the tuition fee upfront - you study first and pay back when you're earning. You don't have to pay any tuition fees up front or while you are studying (although you can if you want to). The payment is deferred until after you graduate through a tuition fee loan. You will start to repay the loan as soon as you start earning over £26,575 a year (from 6th of April 2020). UK students can apply for their Tuition Fee and Maintenance Loan online whilst EU students should download a EU20N form to apply for a Tuition Fee Loan.

You apply for your Tuition Fee Loan and Maintenance Loan on the same form, called the Application for Student Finance (PN1) form. The form can be completed online.

Choose from the options on the right for more detailed information about the funding available to you.

At Bangor you can also apply for various Bangor University bursaries and scholarships which could help with your living costs

Most students also have part-time jobs during the holidays and/or term-time to help cover their costs. When you are here, the Student Employment Bureau, Bangor Prospects, can help you find part-time work, while the work experience opportunities available through the Skills and Employability Service will enhance your CV and help you find employment when you graduate. Taking part in the Bangor Employability Award could also make a difference to how you perform in the graduate jobs market.

International Students

If you are an International Student (from outside the EU), please visit the International Education Centre website for more information about fees and finance.