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Bangor University’s Welsh Language Policy

Bangor University has developed a comprehensive Welsh Language Policy. The policy outlines the 10 Principles of the University’s engagement with the Welsh Language. It also details how the University ensures that the Welsh language is central to its strategy and operation in relation to:

  • academic provision,
  • services,
  • use of Welsh by staff,
  • policy and project development and record keeping.

A Quick Guide is also available.

Bangor University’s Welsh Language Policy and its Code of Practice for the appointment of staff in accordance with the Welsh Language Standards enables the University to achieve its strategic aim of being a bilingual organisation that contributes proactively to the development of the Welsh language and bilingual agenda in the University, the surrounding area, nationally and internationally. The policy also allows the University to implement the Welsh Language Standards placed on us by the Welsh Language Commissioner.

The Welsh Language Standards and the University’s Welsh Language Policy displaces our Welsh Language Scheme.

Please contact us if you have any Comments or Complaints relating to the University’s Welsh Language Policy or out implementation of the Welsh Language Standards.

To whom is the Welsh Language Policy applicable?

The Welsh Language Policy refers to the university's work with students, staff, individuals and organizations outside the university who are based in Wales. The policy applies to all resource / cost centres at Bangor University as well as any subsidiary company wholly owned by the university and any third party company providing a service on behalf of the university in the context of that service