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Do It Yourself Trips

What are 'D.I.Y. Trips'?

As you know, the International Student Support Team provides a range of organised trips and events throughout the year… We want to help you visit even more places by giving you information about ‘Do It Yourself’ trips, or "D.I.Y. Trips", so you can go on your own adventures!


How do the 'D.I.Y. Trips' work?

Use the links below for ideas about where you can visit.  Each 'D.I.Y Trip' will give you help with travel information and ideas about what to do when you get to your destination.  Where the full 'D.I.Y. Trip' is not available, you will find other useful links.

Once you have decided where you would like to go, use the links in the 'D.I.Y.Trip Menu' panel (on the right) to help you plan your trip.


Where do I find the D.I.Y. Trips?

Here!  Just choose a category...

       Local Days Out  UK Festivals

       A Weekend Away (or a little bit longer!)

       Visiting Other European Countries

What if I have my own idea for a D.I.Y Trip?

If there is somewhere you would like to visit, or an activity that you would like to do, that is NOT included on these pages please let us know by emailing: