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On this webpage you can find all the University’s academic Regulations, Codes of Practice, Procedures, and Guidelines, categorised by topic:

The Senate Regulations and Special Cases Committee has responsibility for regulations and other documents. All of these documents, unless stated otherwise, are part of the University’s quality assurance procedures and represent its QA manual. Any changes to the regulations within this area should be sent to Jenny Amphaeris, Compliance and Regulations Assistant (

Introduction to the University’s QA procedures

Types of Documents – A Guide for Students


Regulations answer the question: What should be done?

Regulations also tell you what you can expect from the University and what the University expects from you.

Codes of Practice

Codes of Practice answer the questions: How should it be done? and Who should do it?

Codes of Practice provide information on how things should be run and dealt with throughout the University. The Codes help staff and students to understand how to follow the University’s processes to make sure that all students have a similar experience.


Procedures answer the question: What are the step-by-step instructions?


Guidelines answer the question: What should be done?

Guidelines give a recommended approach for doing something.




Student Responsibilities

Student Support

University Operations

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