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Record Management Information

The Records Management function aims to ensure that all the University's recorded information is created, maintained, controlled and disposed of in a way that facilitates its most efficient and effective use.

Records are a crucial part of an organisation such as the University. Certain records have to be retained for a specific length of time in order to comply with legislation, other records are vital to the continued function of schools and departments, and some records are of historical value to the University Archivist. To ensure that all these records are identified and retained be that for a few years or forever the University has a records management programme.

Further guidance on any aspect of the University's records management function can be obtained from Lynette Williams, Compliance and Records Manager

University Records Centre

University Records and Data Retention Schedule

Guidance on the Destruction of Records Containing Confidential Data

Records Management Policy

Records Management FAQs

Guidance on Non-Permanent Records