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Student Affairs (including discipline and academic appeals)

This section provides advice, guidance and links to enable you to submit a complaint, report a disciplinary matter or make an academic appeal as well as providing information about how to seek support as either the person reporting the matter or if you are the subject of the report.

Bangor University has a wide variety of Academic programmes and a range of services and, on occasion, things may not always meet your expectations, so please tell us if this is the case and we will work with you to help address the problem. We aim to resolve all matters informally where appropriate and encourage any potential complainant (person making a complaint) or appellant (person making an appeal) to have made attempts to resolve any issues before reporting them formally if appropriate and possible.

To ensure that any decisions made are consistent and robust, we may make enquiries based on the reports that we receive. The nature of this area of work means that we may need to share the information that we receive with other staff at times. We may also need to work with students, departments or professional bodies and promise to do so in a discreet and confidential manner in line with our policies and the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Bangor University subscribes to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator (OIA) and our procedures are periodically reviewed against the core principles of the OIA Good Practice Framework. Each of our procedures will result in an outcome at various stages and you have the right to appeal those outcomes until reaching the completion of those procedures.

The Senior Student Affairs Officer is responsible for the management and monitoring of complaints, disciplinary matters and academic appeals. Please feel free to contact the Senior Student Affairs Officer for guidance on how to approach these matters if you are unsure of what to do, or if you have any feedback or suggestions or wish to appeal an outcome of a procedure.

Support with these matters

Students who are making a complaint, an academic appeal, or reporting a disciplinary issue, as well as students who are the subject of a disciplinary can contact Student Services and/or the Students’ Union for confidential advice and/or representation and can be accompanied and/or represented in any meetings if they choose.

You can ask somebody from the Students’ Union, or your Personal Tutor, or a support worker, or a friend to attend the meeting with you.

If your complaint includes any form of harassment, hate crime, sexual assault or violence, you may wish to request the support of the Bangor University Equality and Diversity Officer based in the Student Services Team at the Rathbone Building off College Road.

Student Services

Bangor University has a range of support available to you if you are either reporting or are the subject of a disciplinary matter, and can be accessed through our Student Services section.

Independent Advice

We encourage Students to seek independent support, guidance and advice with making a complaint, reporting a disciplinary matter or submitting an Academic Appeal from Undeb Bangor - Your Students’ Union.

Student Affairs

  • Complaint
    You can find more information about how to submit a complaint about an Academic program or a University service here.
  • Disciplinary
    You can find more information about how to report a disciplinary matter regarding a student or group of students here.
  • Academic Appeal
    You can find more information about how to submit an Academic Appeal relating to your program or course here.
  • FAQs
    Please see our FAQs for an evolving list of frequently asked questions and answers.